14 days after maintained beyond March 28

14 days after maintained beyond March 28

The coexistence bubble will be able to move freely around Catalonia
The ‘councilor’ has emphasized not being in a hurry to lift restrictions. “We are starting to get out of the tunnel, but we cannot make curves inside the tunnel. We must not be in a hurry to get out.

We are tired, but that running does not make us lose the work we have done. For this reason, he has said that the Government goes from “week to week” and based on the epidemiological evolution, decisions are being made.

“We will not be calm until everything is over. We try to make balanced decisions between epidemiological health and people’s mental health. Especially now that pandemic fatigue is a reality,” he pointed out.

Vergés has referred to the main novelty of the restrictions that come into force this Monday, March 15, the lifting of the district confinement .

He has clarified that “these exits must be with your bubble ” and “in encounters with other bubbles they must be with the utmost caution (mask, distance)”. “People need to be able to feel that they can recover a visit, that there is a minimal possibility of movement,” he reasoned.

The will of the Government is that these measures, planned for 14 days, are maintained beyond March 28. “We can maintain this stable situation. We do not have absolute certainty, but the reports of the experts mark this trend,” he pointed out.

And when to have dinner in a restaurant ? To this question the ‘councilor’ has answered that it is necessary to go “step by step”. “We do not have to speculate with measures that people expect and want. We have to monitor and talk a lot about the bubble,” he added.

When fulfilled a year of the declaration of the state of emergency in Spain , Verges has ratified what already said a year ago: “Normalcy never return.” “It is so. This has to make us change our way of working.

We will not have that blind normality again”, and he has called for “learning to learn” to, for example, ” transform our health system for the better, putting resources where necessary. Life will be different, “he said.

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