Councilor of Health Alba Verges Ensured in Month

Councilor of Health Alba Verges Ensured in Month

The councilor of Health, Alba Vergés, has ensured that the month of April will change the panorama of the pandemic in Catalonia with the arrival of more vaccines , including that of Janssen.

which will mean an acceleration in the vaccination plan . Vergés has estimated, in an interview in RAC-1, that in June 30% of the population will be vaccinated and that before August, Salut hopes to be able to make massive calls for vaccination in spaces such as the Camp Nou.

“These next 8 weeks we can change the scenario: from April many more vaccines will arrive, we will be able to vaccinate many more people and if we maintain stability we will be able to change the scenario for the summer, ” said Vergés.

who considers the Janssen vaccine: a single dose, very good safety reports. One dose changes our vaccination plan a lot. Janssen will help us a lot, one dose, one vaccinated and you forget. ” The forecast is that this injectable will begin to arrive in April, as agreed by the EU with Johnson & Johnson.

This acceleration in the vaccination plan has led the ‘councilor’ to raise the figure of 30% of those vaccinated in June:

“If twice as many Pfizer arrive in April and we have more of the others (AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen), we We planted a scenario of increased vaccinated, from 8% now to almost 30% in June .

More heat, more open air and with responsibility, provides us with a safer scenario to improve in the summer “, he said. .

“Before August, we hope to be able to make massive calls for vaccination,” he explained. The Camp Nou is “a possibility” of place to carry out these vaccinations. “It could be. We already talked about it at the time.

We need many spaces but that are stable or for a few days. And we will see how we notify the population. It has to be done in an orderly manner.”

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