Suspended by final judgment borris states

The new president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has questioned this Saturday the work at the head of this institution of the previous president , Roger Torrent, and has affirmed that “it is evident that the last legislature did not preserve the inviolability of the Parliament”, whose regulation wants reform.

In an interview with the newspaper ‘Ara’, the president of the chamber has highlighted her “ties” with the former president of the Parliament Carme Forcadell and her differences with Torrent. “We started by not investing the ‘president’ (Carles) Puigdemont and we have ended up losing the act of deputy of the president (Quim) Torra. It is precisely about learning from what has happened and trying not to repeat it,” he added.

In his opinion, ” we live in a context of ‘lawfare’ (legal war) , in a context of political persecution and, therefore, we must find a point of union between the independentistas to protect ourselves from this judicialization of politics.”

Borràs intends that the deputies are only suspended from their positions “in the event of a final judgment” and, to achieve this, he is negotiating “a reform of the regulations in various aspects.” In this regard, he added that “the telematic world has come to stay” and “the Parliament cannot stay out of these questions.”

The Junts leader, who is being investigated for a case of splitting of contracts when she directed the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC), has said that she reaches the presidency of the Parliament “complained of series”, like other deputies with open procedures, reports Efe.

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In this regard, the president has defended the need for “an anti-repression pact”, because “we are all aware of this context of ‘lawfare’ and we have to protect ourselves”.

On the possibility of allowing remote investiture, he said: “If you can vote and you can make an appointment and you can assume a position, then naturally you can also invest .”

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