Joao Gilberto Show Acoustic Comfort

In another discussion with lawyer Jader Marques this time about the time stipulated for the break Orlando heard the demands of Kikos defender and countered My food is in a cold Tupperware Bring your food he said to applause from the audience.

That yes is proselytism You are playing the audience against the defense retorted Marques Faccini Netos tone of voice had to rise even more on Friday 3 when in the very first testimony of the day a quarrel marked the beginning of the work

The discussion took place during the testimony of Daniel Rodrigues manager of the store that sold the fireworks from the fire at the Kiss nightclub Noticing the witnesss silence to respond producer Luciano Bonilhas defense attorney known for his aggressive performance in court shouted You have to respond.

The judge then ordered him to tone down Here its not the competition of who shouts the loudest warned Orlando As the discussion did not stop the judge warned Severo Today is not cool Next time you wont be in the plenary anymore he declared when asking for the break

The same concern with time was also shown in relation to the victims Faccini Neto tried to give some comfort to the survivors who sat in the center of the auditorium exhausted in statements that at times went on for five hours.

We are going to pay more attention to the victims testimony said the judge when he noticed that defenses and the Public Ministry were repeating questions to the deponents But wasnt that the last question demanded Faccini Neto when either party was late in closing the argument

At any sign of bickering between prosecution and defense the magistrate intervened I believe we are anticipating the stage of debates he said When noticing the insistence of the parties with saturated themes or questions once again Faccini Neto positioned himself We are spending an enormous amount of time talking about things that do not concern the 27th of January.

There were not few testimonies of victims or witnesses in which defenses and prosecution were accused of using the question time to advance their arguments to the jurors You cannot use victims to anticipate debates Lets do what must be done investigate the victim warned Orlando

The fifth day of the jury had an unusual break On Sunday 5 the lunch break took place at 5 pm so that the judges could watch the second half of the Corinthians and Gremio game valid for the 37th round of the Brazilian Championship.

The judges will have a snack at 5 pm Ill make it possible if everyone agrees for them to see at least the second half of the game to relax he said A day later bothered by the published news Faccini Neto clarified that he had not attended the match

Corinthians said he would stay in his office probably revisiting the process Im not going to see a game the judges asked to see it Ill be tucked away in my office Lets face it its.

Sunday lets take a break from 500 pm to 600 pm and enjoy it for lunch Its been programmed and then well work Weve been here for five days now he explained

In addition to citing literary references such as the Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camoes Faccini Neto brought to the plenary several musical passages Orlando who plays guitar mentioned João Gilberto Lemmy Kilmister and Jimi.

Hendrix during the sessions In one of the statements in which the use of foams for sound insulation was discussed the judge commented If it were a Joao Gilberto show acoustic comfort would certainly be required.

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