Orlando Occupied Himself with Reading Sentences

Not even the gamer chair seemed to give any comfort in reading the words As he flipped through the pages he shifted insistently with the weight of someone who was about to conclude a historic moment And he went on In the case of the loss of loved ones as in the present the criminal penalty must communicate to the bereaved.

Family members fathers and mothers the degree of respect that the State devotes to them so as to risk forgetting these personal dramas generated by the practice of a crime would imply the opposite a demonstration that the legal order does not understand the victim the bereaved person their family members with due respect and consideration

For the next few minutes Orlando occupied himself with reading sentences sometimes poetic sometimes legal that narrated the suffering of the parents that he had witnessed in that plenary about the defendants guilt pointed out by the jurors after long hours of debates and about the behavior of some victims which he defined as heroic when compared by him to the defendants in the midst of horror

In addition to the relief to the families in the audience who were clamoring for justice the reading of the sentence seemed to give some respite to the judge who days earlier revealed to the report that he was not managing to abstract For the past ten days Orlando has adopted a routine of starting the morning with phone.

Calls and messages to his mother and wife Bruna de Witt Faccini These were the only times he could talk to his family with any peace of mind For most of the day the president of the Jury Court had to keep a tight rein on time due to the lengthy depositions that would follow in the plenary

At 9 am he sat in the gamer chair stretched his fingers consulted and took notes in a criminal law book that rested on his desk as he interrogated a witness or survivor about a meter or two in front of him Focusing on the words of the deponents on the arguments of the Public Ministry and defense lawyers.

Orlando said that he had no moments of relaxation during this period and that he dedicated himself only to reading and rereading the pages of the case Im not being able to abstract he said before starting one of the sessions

The calm tone of voice always mediated by the hands straight at the level of the face as if asking for balance and pondering caught the audiences attention right in the first statements This judge is very good very didactic said some of those present to the plenary Throughout the jury Orlando repeatedly called for caution and harmony in court.

When he was not attended to the magistrate did not hesitate to intervene On Thursday afternoon 2 for example Faccini Neto considered the behavior of Elissandro Spohrs defense attorney Kiko appealing and unnecessary

The lawyer called Kiko to the center of the auditorium to face to face with a survivor ask if she had hate the accused Promptly the magistrate interrupted him This is not appropriate because we are in a justice system that effectively seeks to rationalize what victims feel I consider I say this very respectfully but it will be registered that I consider this appealing and unnecessary he stated

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