Espanyol Draws A Miracle In Anduva

Espanyol Draws A Miracle In Anduva

The Espanyol still do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Anduva has once again been a nightmare for the Blue and Whites, who barely (in the 95th minute and without deserving it) has scratched an insufficient draw against Mirandés (2-2) to fight for direct promotion.

The team of Vicente Moreno has missed 14 of the last 24 points. From seeing the ascent on track to bailing water in a panic at the possibility of an uncertain ‘play-off’.

“The balance of the game is negative. We came with the idea of ​​adding three points, we needed it, and we have not done it,” summed up the Espanyol coach after the game, naturally dissatisfied with the added point. “Better one than none, but the reality is that it is not enough for us, we need to win. So we are annoyed.”

The whole parish parish will subscribe those words, although perhaps not his analysis of the game: “At all times and in a shameless way to go for victory, and the rival took advantage of that.”

16th RDT target
The Mirandés came out at full speed, ready to take advantage of the doubts of his rival and after five minutes he was already winning thanks to a goal from Meseguer , who had already been able to score in the previous action.

The locals were able to extend the lead, but Raúl de Tomás woke up his team after a magnificent pass from his Embarba , which left him alone in front of the goalkeeper (m. 32). The VAR, this time an ally, validated what the referee annulled in the first instance. It is the striker ‘s 16th goal and the ninth assist from his best partner.

Darder forgave his head before the break and after it, despite a well disallowed goal to RDT , it was Mirandés who gave the feeling of a great team. Diego López emerged as a savior before the siege, but in 89 the newly admitted Simón Moreno headed the squad. Desperately, Espanyol found the tie in a Cabrera center that Melamed turned into a goal, avoiding defeat but not stumbling.

The classification
“The problem is not in drawing here or last week. The problem is that we have missed games that we deserve to win. That is the must that makes everything that is not adding three points is negative,” said Vicente Moreno, who ensures that this Sunday he will not be obsessed with what Mallorca can do in Gijón and Almería when visiting Alcorcón.

Before those duels, the vermilion team adds five points more than Espanyol and the Andalusians: ” The classification doesn’t tell me anything , it’s not about looking at it. I don’t know what’s going to happen, when today you see yourself in a position tomorrow you’re in the other. The balance is not positive or negative because of what others do, but because of what we have done. ”

Data sheet
Mirandés: Lizoain; Carlos Julio, Vivian, Berrocal, Javi Jiménez; Meseguer, Álex López; Iván Martín, Javi Muñoz, Pablo Martínez; Christ. Technician: José Alberto López. Changes: Genaro Rodríguez for Àlex López (d. 75); Simon for Christ (d. 86); Jirka by Iván Martín (d. 93).

Espanyol: Diego López; Óscar Gil, Calero, Cabrera, Pedrosa; David López, Darder; Puado, Melendo, Embarba; From Thomas. Technician: V. Moreno. Changes: Dimata for Melendo (d. 56); Melamed by Embarba (d. 68); Bare by David L. (d. 68); Wu Lei by Puado (d. 84); Merida by Darder (m. 84).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 5), Meseguer; 1-1 (d. 32), Raúl de Tomás; 2-1 (d. 89), Simón; 2-2 (m. 95), Melamed.

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