Fernando Simón Will Speak With Jordi Évole About The Pandemic

Fernando Simón Will Speak With Jordi Évole About The Pandemic

‘Lo de Évole’ on laSexta: Fernando Simón will speak with Jordi Évole about the pandemic on the anniversary of the state of alarm.

The coordinator of Health Alerts and Emergencies returns in the middle months after his last appearance in ‘Planeta Calleja’.

Fernando Simón has decided to grant an interview for television. The Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordinator returns to the media after the controversy generated by his participation in ‘Planeta Calleja’ last September. On this occasion, the epidemiologist has decided to chat with Jordi Évole on his laSexta program.

The Catalan journalist was in charge of announcing this surprise interview for the second season of ‘Lo de Évole’ with Mamen Mendizábal in a connection with ‘Better later’. The presenter also confirmed that it will be this Sunday, March 14 at 9:30 p.m. when we can see this conversation, coinciding with the date on which a State of Alarm was decreed in Spain a year ago due to the coronavirus health crisis.

Apart from his health management of the crisis, in ‘Lo de Évole’ we will also learn how he and his team have personally experienced a particularly difficult year. We will know the more unknown facet of Fernando Simón and we will know what he thinks of the vaccination of the Infantas, if they have groped him from politics or about the young people who make a bottle.

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With this interview, Évole adds a name that surely gives a lot to talk about and that has a lot to tell for his program after his return last Sunday, when he interviewed José María Aznar for the first time on the Atresmedia chain. Before the doctor, this week, the ex-host of ‘Salvados’ will talk with the influencer Ibai Llanos.

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