Refurbished Phones Thoroughly By The Hand Of The Firm Smaaart

Refurbished Phones Thoroughly By The Hand Of The Firm Smaaart

It is a trend that is growing strongly in the market: the use of reconditioned equipment , as a consequence of a responsible attitude of the users, of a more rational use of technology, of the improvement of the processes that give second chances to the devices and, finally, the advances in the much improved customer service of the companies engaged in this commercial activity.

A few weeks ago the arrival in our market of the French company Smaaart was announced, which has already started its journey with the launch of its website in Spanish and of which it is important to highlight that it works with an important range of brands, which favors that the user finds what he needs or wants in products such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei, among others.

According to sources from the company itself, the objective is to grow in our market: ‘offering a quality option to people who want to change their mobile phone’ and in this scenario it has planned, for the year 2025, to multiply the turnover by 5 and increase the staff to 300 employees.

The group currently employs 100 people and has seen growth of 40% in 3 years. To support its development, in 2018 and 2019 the group closed two financing rounds, which totaled almost € 4.4m, in which public and private investors and funds participated.

A history of renewal
In 2017, the Sofi Groupe company, an expert in the after-sales service in the telephone sector for more than 30 years, diversified and created the Smaaart brand dedicated to the reconditioning of recycled mobiles, following an environmentally friendly process.

Thanks to his industrial experience, he managed to develop a quality and transparent smartphone refurbishment process in France .

Today, the group has risen to leading positions and is achieving its goals of reducing the environmental impact caused by the telephone industry, repairing and reconditioning already manufactured devices to give them a second life with discounts of between 30% and 50% on the official sale price of new products. Their mobiles come with a two-year warranty and a certificate of being clean of personal data.

Controlled process
The phones go through a rigorous fitting and testing process. Any trace of personal data is eliminated and they are accompanied by a certificate that accredits it. Battery tests are also done and various components that may be worn or defective are tested.

The firm offers two full years of warranty for products sold through its website, as if they were completely new products.

After-sales service and shopping experience
It is not easy, nor often common, to implement a customer service that meets the expectations of users. In a real shopping experience , a 64GB iPhone X , the product arrived on schedule, well-equipped (charger, headphones, cables) and with the requested look (like new).

Regarding this real experience, highlight in subsequent use the good evolution of the product in terms of battery and automatic updates, which have been carried out without any difficulty.

The control over the situation during the order is satisfactory and the prices, compared to other reconditioning companies, very tight. The overall experience is positive for three reasons: financial savings, access to advanced technology mobiles and the satisfaction of purchasing a sustainable product.

In this sense, and according to the brand’s statistics, 97% of customers have been satisfied with the experience, which has positioned the brand in the market for reconditioned phones as a quality provider.

Remember that a refurbished phone is a device that has been used and, after being discarded by its owner, refurbished and later sold on the secondary market. This type of reconditioned and used devices are an alternative for those looking to save money on a mobile.

The prices are lower than those of new mobiles and some iPhone models can be found for less than 150 euros. There are models from brands such as Samsung, Huawei or Sony, but also others that are less relevant and in which the same quality criteria are also used.

The purchase is made through their website , there you can see the models they have available, as well as the price of the shipping costs and the period from the purchase until we receive them, which ranges from 2 to 4 days. Once the purchase is made, the user has a two-year warranty, even on the battery, one of the most delicate aspects when buying a used mobile.

In this scenario, the brand emphasizes on its page that it seeks customer satisfaction and that its objective is to reduce the environmental impact generated by the telephone industry, which tracks waste and ensures that it is recycled correctly. The fact of opting for a reconditioned mobile instead of a new one, supposes up to 80% of savings for the planet.

Industrial equipment
The company has a production infrastructure of more than 6,000 m² located in its factory in the south of France, where a procedure based on 45 control points and 8 classified steps is carried out . When a mobile arrives at the factory, it is checked that it does not appear on the black list of smartphones, then personal data, images and stored files are erased and a certificate of erasure is issued.

It then goes through battery and operational tests at 40 control points; and finally by the aesthetic state assessment phase. Once the established diagnoses are carried out, the mobile enters the repair phase, where defective or worn components and parts are replaced, if necessary. Consecutively, the technicians do a deep cleaning so that they have impeccable hygiene, they carry out the quality control of the product and finally they are packed and prepared.

At the end of the protocol, the smartphones are 100% functional and are delivered to the buyer equipped with new CE certified accessories (charger, USB cable, pedestrian kit, SIM extractor).

Evolution of the sale of reconditioned
According to the available data, provided by the consultancy International Data Corporation (IDC), in the past year of 2020 the sale of used mobile phones grew by 9.2% and stood at 225.4 million units worldwide, a trend towards increase that corresponds to the evolution of previous years, in 2019 206.5 million units of used mobile phones were sold and an increase in this market is expected year after year, reaching 351.6 million units in the world in 2024.

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