Snowfall Warning Next Weekend In Catalonia

Snowfall Warning Next Weekend In Catalonia

Snowfall warning next weekend in Catalonia. The seven-day forecast points to snowfall at an altitude of more than 500 meters in any area.

The Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya , Meteocat , foresees a change in the weather at the end of the week that “will again lead to fully winter temperatures, and even possible snowfalls at very low levels”. After a Sunday with gusts of wind in the province of Tarragona , the Meteocatconfirms the first estimates and points to a progressive drop in temperatures next week from Tuesday.

While the maximum temperatures this Monday will be around 19 degrees on the coast and around 14 in the interior, meteorologists point out that they will drop clearly in the middle of the week. On Tuesday, maximum temperatures will drop by around two degrees, but it is from that moment that predictive models point to a drastic drop in temperatures and the entry of humid air from the north.

The forecast for seven days ahead indicates that in the city of Barcelona and the Catalan coast the temperatures will drop to a minimum of the order of four or five degrees and a maximum of 12. The minimum temperatures in the inland areas will clearly fall below the zero degrees, reaching between 4 and 10 degrees negative in mountain areas (from 500 meters of altitude).

The possibility of snowfall is high in these mountain areas next weekend, but they could be registered in any area of ​​the interior, such as Lleida Tàrrega or Olot (La Garrotxa), for example. The weather will change clearly throughout Spain next week with frosts in large areas of the northern half of the Peninsula.

It will be from Wednesday and Thursday, as a phase prior to the entry of spring and coinciding with the San José bridge, when an important mass of cold air enters Spain from the European continent that will promote “an important change of time with intense precipitations, snowfall in low levels and winter temperatures “, according to the Agency of Meteorology (Aemet).

The most intense rainfall in Spain will affect the Cantabrian and Mediterranean area from Thursday, to extend on Friday to the Balearic Islands, as well as in other Mediterranean and mountain areas, without ruling them out in any peninsular point and in the Canary Islands.

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