The Conspiracy Theory About Reasons For The Protests In Colombia

The Conspiracy Theory About Reasons For The Protests In Colombia

A ghost flies over the Colombian sky, that of the state of “internal commotion” – a kind of state of alarm – that would allow the president, Iván Duque , to restrict mobility, arrest preventively, search homes without a court order and suspend authorities.

Duque’s mentor and true leader of the right, Álvaro Uribe, is the one who most urgently asks the Government to decree it to stop the new social outbreak that has left at least 35 dead . “They seek to justify the repression and tarnish the legitimate protest.

Induced vandalism?to justify inner commotion? Alert, democracy is at risk, “warned Carlos Eduardo Caicedo, current governor of the department of Magdalena. Uribe described him as” neo-communist.

“The ex-president’s interventions on Twitter circulate as a kind of action program for the Democratic Center, the party Without blushing, Uribe asked to “strengthen” the Armed Forces, “weakened” after the peace agreement with the FARC, and, above all, ” resist the Dissipated Molecular Revolution .”

Uribe endorsed a theory spread by a Chilean neo-Nazi, Alexis López , who considers horizontal social protests a novel way of taking power that would have been tried in 2019 in his own country.

According to the Bogota magazine La Silla Vacía , the former president is not the first to invoke that jargon: the Army and the Police have resorted to López’s texts to interpret the conflicts that have emerged in Colombia and justify the institutional excesses. López himself has been invited twice to the Nueva Granada Military University, by its rector, General Luis Fernando Puentes, to teach his classes.

According to the new ultra-right guru, the French philosopher Félix Guattari and his book ‘The Molecular Revolution’ are to blame for everything , which only promotes alternative life systems. According to López, Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva’s Brazil was a test of those theories that were put into practice again in Chile and the United States through the Black Lives Matter movement . Now it is Colombia’s turn.

“There is no hierarchical structure. There is functional anarchy ,” López explained to those attending his course at the Military University, in the midst of a pandemic that has killed more than 76,000 people.

Police officer Luz Carina Pérez Castillo had to nod when listening to him for days back he argued that in Colombia, where there are21 million poor , there is no social outbreak, but a camouflaged guerrilla war “that has nothing to do with the legitimate demands of a society.” Anarchy is, in his opinion, “a strategic model.” Uribe has read it because in one of his last trills he spoke of ” social anarchy .”

Carlos Enrique Moreno, a former adviser to Duque, did not deprive himself of glossing López in a column published in El Espectador . The protest seeks to “gradually and daily generate behaviors that alter the state of social normality of the dominant system, and thus repeal it.” It is about “generating chaos and the cessation of daily normality, to create a state of tension and permanent crisis.”

Duque for now avoids advancing in the direction that Uribe traces. And to differentiate himself, this Thursday at least he condemned the shooting suffered by a student leader who was marching “peacefully.” At the same time, he asked the director of the Police, Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, “to find the whereabouts of the guilty and bring them to justice.”

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